Be Disciples

We believe that one of the three simultaneous pursuits of a growing disciple of Jesus Christ can be summed up by the word "be."  Jesus calls us to "be disciples."  Our character, motivations, intellect, and actions are included in this word.  Essentially, it is who we are in our inmost parts that penetrates and influences everything else about us.  

Mark 12:28-30 provides Jesus' response when asked the greatest command.  Jesus summed it up with the word love.  Five times he repeats the word, first emphasizing that we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength - translation: everything we are, then he incorporates love for others to sum up.  At the inmost places, disciples of Jesus love as he loves.  Our goal at MorningStar is to encourage this pursuit in the following ways.

  • intentional spiritual growth